Behind The Badge

Behind The Badge




1. adjective

Of first importance; main.

Synonyms: First-class, superior, select, top-tier, primary.


FC Prime was founded in 2018 with a vision to serve the needs of, and to create an environment for players with aspirations of playing at the collegiate and professional level.

Our clubs colors are embodied in our logo. Gray, black & gold. In the very heart of our badge sits the Gold ‘P’ for Prime.

The color gold symbolizes quality and success, aligning with our mission of providing the very best pathway for our players to achieve their dreams.

The grey and black represents our emphasis on all members of our organization being industrious, dedicated and always attempting to push boundaries to improve.

Adorning either side of the P lay two small gold Prime mathematical symbols. Symbolizing that although we are all different we are all also 1.

Finally, we used ‘Football Club’ Prime to show our love for the beautiful game worldwide! #VamosPrime