The philosophy of the FC Prime is to educate the young players how to play the “Prime Way” (attacking and attractive soccer). By adopting the Four Corner Development Model (Physical; Technical; Psychological; and Social) the Club is looking to produce players who are technically capable, have the required physical attributes, possess a high level of game intelligence, and a have the intrinsic motivation required to succeed and achieve their goals.

We develop players who:

  • Brave and have a desire to “want the ball”.
  • Technically capable of producing high quality passes and possess high quality control.
  • Play attractive soccer aggressively and with creativity.
  • Have the tactical capacity to understand and participate in the game.
  • Work rate and movement off the ball enable the team to maintain possession.
  • Quick over short, medium, and long distances.
  • Mentally strong to handle the demands and pressures of professional soccer.
  • Multi-functional and capable of operating within a flexible tactical system.
  • Respectful, confident and take responsibility for all their actions.