FC Prime Partners with Athletic Assistance for Single Parents

FC Prime Partners with Athletic Assistance for Single Parents

As we enter into the 2019/20 tryout period we are elated to announce our partnership with Athletic Assistance for Single Parents (AASP).

AASP was co-founded by the Schrumpf sibling pairing of Ty & Thalia in 2017 with the objective of breaking down financial barriers which many single family households face. By breaking down these barriers, their aim is to ensure opportunities for young children to participate in organized sports.

“This wonderful local non-profit is a fantastic example of driven young people making a difference right here in Brevard County. Once I became aware of the organization & spoke with the Schrumpf family I immediately knew it was a program we wanted to work hand in hand with to create a long lasting partnership.” Said Dan Tidmarsh Executive Director of Brevard Prime.

AASP & Brevard Prime will collaborate to offer additional scholarship funding for families. When families apply using the Brevard Prime financial assistance form parents/guardians will now have the option to denote their martial status and will then be eligible for the AASP support based on need.

"Over the past 10 years of competing, I have seen many teammates and friends drop out because of the financial hardships single families face.  I consider myself very fortunate to be a member of FC Prime, a league that has provided me with incredible opportunities to compete at the highest level, develop lifelong friendships and travel to tournaments around the country.  We are so excited to partner with a league that has given so much to me personally, and I am looking forward to helping families and players in need create similar memories and experiences."

For learn more on AASP and/or donate please visit www.aaspcares.com