FC Prime Coaching Profiles - Ifeoma Dieke

FC Prime Coaching Profiles - Ifeoma Dieke

Name: Ifeoma Dieke

Years With Prime: 1st year (2020/2021)

Team(s) Coached: FC Prime 2005 Girls Premier


Is there a memorable match or moment from this season? If so, can you describe it for us?

Getting our first win as a group in the fall with a clean sheet. For all the work we had put in, we had let many games slip from our grasps without the girls getting their reward. For everything to come together, was a really good moment for the group.


What motivates you as a coach?

Being able to create team culture, developing individuals, while watching player grow & flourish.


How would you describe your coaching philosophy?

One that is very team oriented & driven. This includes seeing each player as an individual person first & foremost, before diving into the athlete aspect.


What is the best advice you could give young players?

"Hard work beats talent when talent doesn't work hard." Being talented is a bonus, hard work is the key ingredient in everything you do on and off the field. Having the right mind set is the competitive advantage, pushing you further than what you think is possible.


Coach Ifeoma "Ife" Dieke comes to Prime following a storied playing career. Coach Ife earned 123 caps with the Scottish Womens National Team on her way to becoming the first black woman to captain Scotland. She participated on team Great Britain as part of the 2012 Olypmics where she earned 3 caps. Coach Ife is a natural born leader, who's experience in the game brings a wealth of knowledge to the young players she works with.