FC Prime Powered Archbishop McCarthy Historic High School Soccer Season

We caught up with 3 of the 13 FC Prime players featured on this historic roster to find out more...

FC Prime Powered Archbishop McCarthy Historic High School Soccer Season


Archbishop McCarthy girls soccer has put together quite an impressive run of games. With a record of 19 wins with 0 losses, the team currently sits at #1 in the state and #3 in the country for girls high school soccer. The team reached as high as #1 in the country in the December polls.


Football Club Prime is well represented in the squad. Archbishop team captain Sofia Mallardi and 12 of her teammates are FC Prime players. We caught up with Sofia (Senior), as well as teammates Devyn Encalada (Senior) and Kelly Hastings (Junior), to find out more about this impressive team.


What were your expectations coming into the season?

Devyn: “Our expectations were obviously go as far as we can, but also play to our highest ability on the field and grow closer together as a team.”


What was it like being named the number one high school team in the country?


Sofia: “Being named number one high school team in the nation is a huge title to accomplish and a honor. It shows all of our hard work and dedication, especially from the seniors who have been with this team from the beginning, finally paid off.”


Kelly: “ I was initially surprised that we were named first in the nation because there are a lot of other talented players on teams around the country who have the potential to be number one as well. It is also a little scary knowing we could lose it at anytime to any of those teams. Everyone knows our name now and we are the team to beat. Thats a lot of pressure.”


Recently you had an impressive 2-0 win over Gulliver, what was your preparation for that game like?


Sofia: “Our preparation for the Gulliver game was the same as our preparation for all games. We knew Gulliver was a competitive team and would be good practice for us and a taste of how teams will be later on in playoffs.”


What advice would you give underclassman?


Devyn: “The advice I would give to underclassmen is to enjoy the little moments in high school because these years fly by fast.”


Sofia: “My advice to the underclassman is to always work hard and be humble. Never let anything get to your head because no matter how good you are, if you aren’t in the right frame of mind then the possibility of not achieving what you want is high.”


Is there a moment from this season that sticks out to you as being special?


Kelly: “This season we have had several memorable moments to look back on but one that stood out is when we were interviewed by NBC news. It showed that people are noticing our achievements and gives us motivation to keep pushing to win for our supporters.”


Sofia: “My most memorable moment of the season so far was when we attended the Monteverde Academy tournament for the first time and ended a team’s 76 game winning streak. This was most memorable to me because it proved that our team can be identified as a top competitor now.”


For the Seniors, what does it mean to go out with a season like this one?


Sofia: “For me being a captain and senior on this team is a honor, and going out with a season like this is more than I could ask for. Hopefully we keep working hard and I walk away with a states ring on my finger and being known as part of a team that made history at Archbishop Mccarthy.”


Devyn: “To go out with this season as a Senior it’s such a great feeling. We started out as the underdogs and now we are THAT team that’s ranked nationally,  everyone is scared of us, instead of the other way around when we were freshman.”


Archbishop now looks toward the district tournament and playoffs, where they hope to bring home a State Championship to South Florida.