Markey Coaching Profile

Markey Coaching Profile

Name: John Markey

Years With Prime: 1 year with Prime

Team(s) Coached: 07 girls ECNL 


What were your goals or this season?

I have had 5 main goals for this talented team during this season:

1) Develop a better understanding of the demands of the ECNL level; physically, technically, tactically, and psychologically. 

2) Learn to consistently compete at a high level over the course of a long season.

3) Become adaptable players able to deal with any and all situations, formation changes, or “style of play” adjustments that may happen during the course of a high level match and throughout the season.

4) Develop a complete understanding of a players role inside all 4 phases of the game.

5) Finish in the top 3 in our conference and go to ECNL national play-offs.


Is there a memorable match or moment from this seaoson?

The most memorable moment, or really match, thus far in our season was a 3-2 win over Alabama FC ECNL.  The team was very good, and the score line was frustrating because we could never hold on to the lead, going up 1-0, 2-1, and 3-2 but in the end the team battled through emotional highs and lows and held onto the win.  Very proud of their ability to compete at a high level for the entire game.  We had been discussing as a team that every moment matters and we can’t take any plays off at this level.  This was the first game as a team where we accomplished this and it was great to be a part of.  


What motivates you as a coach?

What motives me as a coach...I think there are 2 types of competitive people; people that love winning more than they hate losing, and those whom hate losing more than they love winning.  It’s about self-expectations and if you constantly expect to win, then losing or failure is much more devastating.  You perceive winning as the norm and all other outcomes are negative.  Therefore you compete in a results driven world where neutral or negative outcomes are only possible.  However, if your expectations are that every outcome is possible despite preconceived notions, your victories become more important and much more celebrated.  This is a fulfilling and enjoyable way to compete in my opinion, because the beauty of the game is that anything is possible after the whistle blows.  What motivates me as a coach is helping young players understand this through embracing both the highs and lows.  Being the person they ask “why” to when it all goes wrong, and being the person they say “thank you” to when it all goes right. I’m motivated by being a part of the journey for my players.


How would you describe your coaching philosophy?

My coaching philosophy hinges on building self-accountability.  I believe it’s very important to encourage creativity and autonomy through evidence-based coaching.  Creating an environment where decision-making of the players is guided by the game model you create.  I believe the game model of your team varies based on the most dominant or productive qualities of your team and particular individuals that may have dominating attributes inside the phases of the game.


What is the best advice you could give young players?

My best advice I can give a young player is to focus on controlling the controllables and being adaptable to any situation.  Controversy brings change and change allows for growth, growth is the process you must embrace to reach your true potential.  Also, always ask questions. The worst question ever is the one that was never asked.




Coach John and the 2007 Girls ECNL team currently have a 3-1-2 record in the ECNL, & are in the hunt to make the post-season. Follow along on our social media pages for any major updates from this team as the season continues.