Moscetti Joins Italian Federation Training Camp

Moscetti Joins Italian Federation Training Camp


Meet Virginia Moscetti, a U19 Italian-American currently in training camp with the Italian Federation. This time last summer Virginia was not in Italy with her Italian teammates. She was starting her first months of physical therapy for a recently torn ACL. The ability to not only come back from this injury, but get invited back to Italy for this special training camp, is a testament to Virginia’s mental fortitude.

“Virginia has continually overcome adversity and strived to be the best.  She is a true competitor and I believe she will excel with the opportunity of participating with the Italian National Team at camp.  We look forward to her sharing the experience and lessons learned with the club.” - Tricia Taliaferro, FC Prime ECNL Director

National level training camps with any federation change from culture to culture in every country. In Italy, Virginia noted the holistic approach of the camp. Regardless of the focus, an eye on the technical, tactical and fitness aspect was a consistent aspect of everything. “Even though an exercise might focus more on one thing, we end up practicing and involving all of them.” said Virginia.

This holistic approach extended past the training ground. The ball is a central part of the culture and the players are seemingly tethered to one at all times. Virginia explains, “I've learned to involve the ball into everything you do and have fun with it. Even on our breaks we found ourselves playing soccer tennis, practicing shots, or just juggling the ball between us. Over these past few weeks, soccer has extended beyond the specific time it occupies in my day and has become a mentality I carry with me everywhere.”

Virginia will be back with her club teammates in South Florida as FC Prime begins preparations as a brand new club participating in the ECNL.