Prime Boys Shine At ECNL Showcase

Prime Boys Shine At ECNL Showcase

ECNL FL | Prime Players Shine In ECNL Showcase

It was time to shine for Boys ECNL programs as teams from across the nation gathered in Sanford, Florida for the 2021 edition of the #ECNLFL national showcase event.

For three days, over 150 teams showcased their talent for college coaches across over 200 scheduled matches, with teams represented from seven different ECNL Conferences.

Prime sent 4 of our very own as discovery players with the Western New York Flash u19/18 boys ECNL team. Kerel Roserie, Andrew Olitzky, Malher (Santi) Possu, & Mark Kurtevski each joined up with the Western New York Flash teams as part of an action packed weekend in Sanford.

We caught up with the boys after the weekend to hear about how they fared, what the experience was like & what their takeaways were.

WNY Flash were your host team, what was it like being fresh faces in an established ECNL team?

ANDREW: Coach Hallas greeted all of us and let each of us know how happy they were to have us which made us feel welcome.  The players were grateful that the teammates that showed up had as much experience as we had so we were able to fit right in and have no drop off in play.  The parents were also very thankful that we came and let each of us know along the way.  By the end of the first game they all seemed to know our names and were actually cheering for us. Many of the players will keep in touch in hopes that we will see each other again someday down the road.

MARK: Going into the showcase I felt out of my comfort zone since I didn’t really know anyone besides my 3 prime teammates. However, WNY flash made me feel as if I was a part of the team for a while, and as soon as the first whistle blew to start the game, playing with them felt second nature.

What was the overall level of competition like for the boys ECNL? 

SANTI: The teams were really good. It just took a while to get used to their style of play.  I told my teammates that came with me that our (PRIME) team could compete with all of the teams we played against.

KEREL: The overall level of competition was really competitive, because the speed and accuracy of play was crucial this weekend. 

How do you feel you performed in the matches over the weekend? Were there any moments you are particularly proud of?

KEREL:  I feel like I played great this weekend. I had my friends and family from St. Lucia watching the live stream (cheering) me on, so it gave me extra confidence going into the weekend. All the positive feedback that I received from them gave me clarification on my performance this weekend.

MARK: Overall I think my performances were consistent. I think the moment I was most proud of was the fact that I didn’t know any of my teammates and I was able to go out of my comfort zone and still perform well.

Were there any moments from your Prime teammates that made you proud to be there together?

ANDREW: I think my Prime Teammates gelling with the team really made me proud and that we didn’t let them down in any way.  I think each of us really played hard but the most enjoyable moments may have been when Santi scored his two goals in game one, which solidified us (with the group).

SANTI: The coach made adjustments and really depended on us defensively.  I was proud of Andrew, Mark, and Kerel for their hard play and (for) saving goals.

Was this your first ECNL Showcase? What did you think of the event overall?

ANDREW: I thought the event was really well organized and the competition was great.  I liked that all of the games were streamed because it gave my family, coaches, and friends the ability to watch us from a distance.  Mostly, I liked that we were representing FC Prime and I feel we truly made a statement with our play as a group. My teammates from FC Prime feel that we are ready to compete in the ECNL and be productive.

SANTI: I was amazed by the amount of teams and how many fields.  My family was able to watch because the games were streamed once I sent the link.  I would be honored to do it again.