InterFlorida X Prime Partnership

InterFlorida X Prime Partnership

Today, Inter-Florida FC and FC Prime announced a merger to align the two entities under the same umbrella. This agreement strengthens the presence of the club in central Broward County.

Inter-Florida FC, operating out of Tamarac Sports Complex, offers competitive programming for youth soccer players as well as a men's semi-professional team playing in the United Premier Soccer League (UPSL). The UPSL team, remaining under the Inter-Florida FC brand, will form the top of FC Prime’s boys soccer pyramid. Inter-Florida's youth boys teams will play under the FC Prime brand as part of the Florida Club League 2 and SFUYSA. All girls teams will remain under the Sunrise Prime FC brand and have access to all league platforms & Tamarac Sports Complex facilities.

The aim of this partnership is focused on the development of young soccer players & to provide additional resources & first class facilities for our members.

“Inter-Florida FC shares the same vision & goals for youth soccer and South Florida as FC Prime & Sunrise Prime FC. We are thrilled to be able to secure an agreement that will see us working together to the benefit of a larger player pool” - Sunrise Prime FC Executive Director, Alan Hough

“Providing young players with a pathway to play with former professionals and high level adults before reaching college age is a goal of both organizations. Seeing this become a reality through our partnership is a milestone for all involed.” - Inter-Florida President Raymond Passaro

Any questions please contact Raymond Passaro,, or Alan Hough,

Additional tryout information coming soon.

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